Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

Hello sweeties!I'm sorry I wasn't able to make any outfit post in a while, but now it's even more difficlt to do it because I'm so ill.This week I came down with flu and it seems is getting worse.Make-up can do a thing because my nose resembles to Rudolph's, only a brighter red.Now, when I'm writing to you I'm sorrounded by henkies.Best way to spend the holiday, isn't it?
I'm aware that my girls will kill me for posting compromising photos of them but I wanted to thank them for being by my side through the years and don't tell them(shh!!) I miss them like hell.Spending all day long in bed with hot tea with lemon, hankies, pills and other entertaining stuff I remembered the fun that we had together: parties, dressing up, clubbing, drinking shot after shot of tequila, telling horror stories, on summers we used to dress with a theme every day, we were using a code while speaking so nobody could understand what we were talking about...Hope this summer we will be together again the three of us!
Do you like the photos darlings?Have a nice week my precious readers and don't forget HAVE FUN!

Monday, February 15, 2010

V is for Valentine's Day?

If I was not the first to wish you Happy Valentine's Day at least I want to be the last one.Call me crazy but I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day.Maybe I'm a dreamer(and no matter how clichee sounds) but I believe that one should celebrate love everyday, should buy presents or make surprises to his or her soulmate for no reason, every single day but today.Today I saw a boy with a huge heart shaped fluffy pillow-how corny is that?That horrible image stuck on my retina.I remember when I was single I hated this day because you see only in love people holding hands and wandering around all over.It might be a cute image, but all the girls hold a red rose and a red bag with hearts-used to hate it, still do.
I must mention that V-Day was not part of my culture.It was "imported" from US about four years ago.Now it's sheer madness.The stores are full and you can't find anything if you're not looking for teddy bears, heart shaped everything, OHHH my I see red!As a matter of fact we do have a national day for celebrating love called Dragobete on 24th February, but is not as appreciated as V-Day.I hate it when we give up traditions in order to adopt other country's holidays(considering the fact that my country is so rich in holidays, customs and traditions).
The boyfriend and I decided not to celebrate V-Day, we didn't buy presents we just spent the whole day together doing nothing.We avoided going out to be hit by the flood of lovers and red plushy things.Our love was safe indoors.Don't know if you like the pictures above, but they express love, naivity, it feels like the pureness of the first love in my view.Hope you like them as much as I do.
P.S. Now for the single sexy gals and for the hot single chicos don't worry it's just one day.You have 364 more days to love yourselves and show it off!
I love you and not only on Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

We take a bow

L'enfant terrible of fashion decided to cut the last piece of fabric.Thinking what words describe him best I came up with this: creative, bold, daring, extravagant, outrageous, GENIUS.Today I wore an all black outfit in his beloved memory.He was such a great inspiration for me.Always has, always will.His name will remain written with golden letters in the fashion history.
My heart cries for you Mr. McQ...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fly me to the moon

A bird just told me that you missed me!Kidding guys, but I certainly did miss you all.Well what a tiring week back at school I had.Homework, writing essays, reviews until 3 o'clock every night.Must admit sometimes I cheated a bit from writing homework and spent hours chating with the girls on the holl.
I must tell you what an adventure I had Friday.Between two classes I had 2 hours break so me and my friend were heading to a vintage store we've discovered a while ago and eventhough we couldn't find anything back then we've decided to give it a second chance (mostly because it was freezing outside and we had no place to go).In our way we had to cross a square and my friend threw away some food.Obviously I wasn't paying attention to this fact and suddenly hundreds of pigeons started to fly around us.Oh my they scared the life out of me!I was screaming and running and my friend was telling me that I don't have any reason to be scared and I finally believed her.I realized that they were just hungry and I ended feeding them.My friend was brave enough to let them eat from her hand, but I wasn't.Hope next time we'll visit the square I will be able to feed them from my hand too.In my photos you will notice a Russian man that brought a huge bag with food for the pretty pigeons and it cane out a gorgeous picture.
This photo session wasn't planned as you may notice from my not very inspired outfit(because I woke up too late and threw everything I found on me so I could arrive to my class in time) and the fact that I had almost no make up on my face.But I wanted to share with you this amazing day.
Love you babies!
Wearing: Faux Fur-Miss Sixty, Jeans-Stradivarius, Ugg Boots, Beanie-Zara, Bag-Bershka

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Emma What?

We can all say we know that we know her since she was a little girl.Emma What?Emma Watson of course.I remember when i was in the fifth grade I discovered J.K. Rolling's books.I was reading the Harry Potter novels until 3 o'clock when my mum was forcing me to go to bed.In my class there wasn't a person who didn't read the books and we even started a Harry Potter club.What a girls fight for Hermione because everyone had to incarnate a character.It was quite frustrating that I was Ron Weasley's sister and not my dearest Hermione, but as you can see I survived.
Now I'm almost 20 and still watch the Harry Potter movies.Don't you dare to laugh at me!Hermione took off her robe and replaced it with high heels and fancy clothes.The smart(may i say geeky?) little wizard turned out to be a beautiful young actress worshiped by thousands of teenagers who wish to follow in her footsteps and epecially in her killer heels.I adore these photos of her from Teen Vogue.She has great fashion sense and I find her style very inspiring.
Wish I had a voluminous skirt like her's.Now it's one of those moments when I hate it that I'm not skilled at DIY!!!
Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Sin City.Yep guys back to school.The finals are right at the corner waiting for me.Wish me luck because I'm really gonna need it!
Love you my gorgeous readers!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wearing: Shirt-Vintage, Faux Fur Vest-Zara,, Bow Booties-local shop
What's up my Super Readers?Well 2009 wasn't my best year.Then I had the biggest dissapointment of my life, so far.So today I wrote a looooong shopping list for the spring-summer and a list of goals I hope to achieve this year.I'm sure that 2010 will be the best year for everybody, right?
Today when I was reading my comments I've almost fainted.La belle Michelle from the blog Glisters-And-Blisters(It's a must to visit her blog!!) nominated me on a list of 10 blogguettes for Glamorous Blog Award!I want to thank this sweet doll for the nomination and for making my day!I have to write 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates.Let's get it started!
I like eating pasta 7 days out of 7
I like receiving gift
I like even more watching the expression on people's face when they open the presents(specially if they like it!)
I like laughing with my room mates until 2 am when we ignore the homework( though it happens too often- shhh don't tell my mum)
I like to spend all day shopping with my friend in vintage and thrifted shops
I like buying nail polish in crazy colors
I like headband and it's only Miss Blair Waldorf's fault!
I like reading good books and call my friends immediately after to tell them they must read that too
I like watching romantic movies with many tissues around
I like looking at my boyfriend when he drives-he's so cute it makes me love him even more!
I like to discover new inspirational blogs
I love being in love!
I hate it when I'm on a shoestring budget
I hate waking up early
I hate it hat there's no Topshop or H&M in my country
I hate that I don't have a Rolex.Yet!
I hate that my boyfriend lives in another city
I hate it when people around me are sad
I hate deadlines
I hate that I'm not a more organized person
And now it's time to pass the award to three blogguettes I love they come:
La Couturier, Lexy from Quirky Explosion and Svalbards Empress!And not the mention the lovely Michelle from Glisters and Blisters!
So what are your likes, loves and hates babies?Hope you will think of me at the Love part- just kidding!I must run in bed or else I'll fall asleep on the keyboard!
Kiss Kiss

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year from Outta Space

I just want to wish a happy, fashionable and fabulous New Year with wardrobes tucked with all the clothes you wish for to all my ex, actual and future readers and may 2010 be the best year of your lives!!!!Thank you all for stopping by on my blog, for reading my thoughts and even browsing through my photos!
Unfortunately I can't show you my NYE outfit because I had such great time with my family and my handsome boyfriend that I totally forgot about photos.I found only one picture with me but all it can be seen in the photos are my lashes so...I will show you some photos with my favorite pair of leggings from my leggings collection.Wearing my purple leggings I look like an Outta Space citizen, isn't it?
Honey bunns hope you will bear with me in 2010 too!I can't thank you enough for all your love and support and kind comments!What are your New Year Resolutions?
Kisses and hugs babies