Sunday, November 1, 2009

When All Masks Fall

Hello hello my dear readers!Hope you missed me cause I did miss you a it's the apology part but I count on you to forgive and understand me for ignoring this blogging stuff for quite a while now.Believe me my whole life turned upside down since moving city and started college.I'm a nomad.I live 5 days a week at my new hometown and the other two at home.And it's so hard everytime Ihave to leave home that I feel my heart breaks.I more than hate the moment when the train leaves...But leaving it's part of my life now.I guess I've lost my sense of belonging(at least I have all the symptoms).But gotta move on and deal with my new life.
The other bad bad thing that came up in my life in the same package with my moving is the fact that I get to see my baby only twice a month-every two weeks and then the time goes by so damn fast and the moment I get out of his car I just can't stop my tears falling down...and that very second we say our goodbyes I start missing him like hell!And as if I wasn't sensitive enough now I've become that kind of girl that cries at every cheap romantic movie,video or smiles for no reason when sees couples holding hands.But let's get over this new creepy side of me!
I still don't have Internet yet!But I hope hope hope I will have this week because it's harder than I've ever thought to live without my dearest Internet.And then I'll post more often.
I'm so disspaointed that I haven't got the opportunity to visit this gorgeous city I'm living in.I just stay in bed and read,write essays,articles or I spend my days in offices trying to find news.And I have so many cafes,clubs,museums,stores to visit...Oh and I'm looking forward for the freshman's prom:I've got the dress,I just need the PERFECT shoes!
That's all for today folks.Stay tuned,take care of yourselves and do whatever crosses your minds(that's quite a paradox)!
mes cheries!
Shoulder padded shirt-Vintage , Skirt-Yes Miss , Mask-Accessorize