Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's in the ABC of growing up

If you call me crazy you are so right!I'm playing hide and seek while packing.I'm hiding clothes in the bags so my mum won't get mad again because I take too much stuff with me.I know I know I'm always saying that I'm packing but believe me it's true.We have so may bags and suitcases to carry and tomorrow morning we're setting off...Luckily I'm so busy and I don't have enough time to realize that I'm leaving my nest.Oh I'm gonna die without Internet!!!But I'm a survivor and I hope in less than a week I can talk to you again guys.Now I must go mum's yelling.I'll miss you so so damn much darling!Wish me luck at College!
Your College girl!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello , hello darlings!You can't imagine what I'm going through I sent all my luggage(that means all my gorgeous clothes and my pretty shoes).Today I wore my mum's tee , some old jean and flat sandals and it was chilly outside.Tomorrow will be a looong day I'll say goodbye to the people I love and pack pack pack again.On Sunday I'm leaving for College and on Monday I'll be officially a College Girl!
Isn't stunning this necklace I'm wearing in the photos?I'm mad about it!Kisses honey bunnies!
Dress-Marks & Spencer(Limited Collection) , Necklace-Mood

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FALL in love

My dear readers even though the weather is still quite hot during day the FALL is in town!This is another post written in a hurry because my baby is coming and I have to dry my hair and apply nail lacquer and in about 3 hours or so I have to leave for two days-but I'll be back on Friday.
Yesterday I've been packing all day with my mum and my head was playing something like 'Packing your bags like people in the movies do All severe and not saying a word' (you should listen to this song Faithless-Don't leave) of course the last part is not for me I might be awarded as World's most talkative human being...Never know!Last night I had two suitcases and I still have to pack a few blazers and booties.Gotta go see you soon and love you all!

Blazer-Vivienne Westwood , Leggings-Stradivarius , Sandals-Zara , Rose ring-Moa , Top-H&M ,Bow clutch-Yes Miss

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bigger Than Big

Hello my dears!Tonight I'll make this post very short.I'm not feeling well and I'm tired because I spent all day long in stores with my mum and daddy buying stuff for college.Now all I want is to jump in my bed!So sick and tired...
xoxo , gossip agent
Shoes-Il Passo , Tee & hat-Vintage , Shorts-Miss Selfridge

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh my Jeans!

This time next week I'll be in a bigger city and this thought used to make me feel ecstatic but now when I realize there's almost no time left I feel quite nostalgic and I tend to spend all my time with my family and my baby.I'm sorry my dear readers for neglecting you a bit but I hope you understand me.My best friend has already moved to another city,my baby will move to a different city too , so College is a real challenge.But I must admit that I'm looking forward to finally become independiente!I realize that I am a reckless spendthrift and having a mall and many other tempting stores will make it impossible for me to keep my money in my wallet.Your agent will be skinny(that's not bad att all) because starving for buying clothes sounds like the best deal to me LOL!OH how I'll miss my mum and daddy and boyfriend and my girlfriend!Harsh times are coming darlings not only because I'm leaving my hometown but I won't have Internet for a while.I will post as much as I can until I move house.Right now your agent is making list after list and I'm obssesed not to forget anything at home.It's getting so chilly outside and eventhough I love fall and pretty sweaters that keep you warm I must confess that I already miss hot summer days!
P.S. You can't possibly imagine how I love this harem jeans!!!They surely are my favorite pair.I wish I could wear them every day but my personal rules forbid me to wear the same thing to often-once a week is more than enough.Bisous my dears!
Jeans-Bershka , Shirt-Marks and Spencer , Bra-Triumph , Sandals-Zara , Bag-Chanel

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rock my world

I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the Juke box baby
I love rock and roll, so come and take the time and dance with me!
This song was playing in my head when my mom showed me this dress.She was rather hesitating because usually we have different taste on clothes but this time I was not snorting at her suggestion I was actually screaming in the store.I know the fabric reminds you of something like Stepford wives but that's why I love it so much it looks so feminine, so girly and the leather jacket gives to the look a 'good girl gone bad' touch.This dress is D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y one of my wardrobe favorites!Big kiss darlings!
P.S. My dear readers I'm not naked in the fifth photo!I'm wearing the same dress I just can't imagine why the picture came out like that-I'm dirrty like Aguilera LOL!
Dress-Primark , Leather jacket-Anne Christine

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nude Attitude

That's what I wore yesterday when I went to the barbecue at my grandma's.She's living next door so I thought a dress would be too much(because almost all the time I'm a bit overdressed for the event this time I went safe).Last night I had lots of fun and I caught a cold.Sounds good isn't it?
Now I'll watch a comedy with my parents so...see you tomorrow night my dears!Love you,
your secret agent!
Tank-Warehouse , Snakeskin leggings-Stradivarius , Snakeskin flats-Glow , Sweater-Vintage

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I wanted to make a quick post before going to my granny's birthday-she's turning 72 today (What a young sexy gal isn't it?)!My mamy is yelling at me to get dressed because it takes me ages but somehow I'm always ready before she does and I'm dying of boredom.I'll show you tomorrow what I wore at grandma's party because I haven't decided yet.Be nice darlings!
Love love love you all!
Dress & clutch-vintage , Cardigan-Zara , Necklace-Accesorize(oldie but goldie)