Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miss those lazy hazy crazy days of summer

Ho ho ho!I know you would expect some pictures with me caught in a snow fight or why not wearing just panties and taking some shots in the snow, but I guess you know me well enough by now to know that I'm not that predictable.And after many days of colder than cold weather it's getting warm outside and the city sleeping under the snow now seems that he woke up in mud.Maybe my lovely city is no longer taken from fairytales, but all the gorgeous lights, the Huge Chrsitmas Tree in the center of the city and holding hands with the one you love show that magic moments are all about faith and love.
I cannot express how much I adore winter, the snow, the flowers painted on my window by the small snowflakes, decorating the Christmas tree with my daddy, cooking cookies with mum, shopping for presents, drinking hot wine with cinammon or sipping hot chocolate in coffee shops with my girls laughing out loud and gossiping.
But this year I'll be missing my BF back in the States because this is the first Christmas when she's not here with me cuddling, popping champagne, reading Vogue or laughing for no reason...Love you Dada!
With all my love,
your agent who wishes for a white Christmas and waits anxiously for Santa to come
Vest-Warehouse, Skirt-Michael Cain, Belt-Vintage

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lord Of My Rings

Hi babies!I promised to post more often and this is the first step in keeping my promise.I took a break from writing my article for tomorrow because it seems I lack inspiration right know.It was time for taking a breath of fashion of course.I have so much work to do this week so many essays and articles and news and review...Oh my!But I'm so glad that it's almost over one week of hardwork and I'm done for this year.And I'm going in a two days trip with my collegegues at journalism so I guess I'll post again not sooner than in two weeks.But I'll bring photos from my freshman's prom and maybe from the trip.So...Be nice and send your letters to Santa!Love you guys!
Dress-Miss Selfridge Shoes-Il Passo Rings-Accessorize Jacket-Vintage

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seeing the world through heart-shaped sunnies

I know I know I've been a bad girl!I didn't keep my promise...I get so anxious only when I think about CHRISTMAS!It's definitely my favourite time of the year...I can't wait for school to end and start shopping for presents for everyone I love,I can't wait for the snow fights!What I love the most about the winter holidays is that I spend so much time with my family,my baby and my friends; that I can drink hot chocolate non-stop; that I receive many many presents; that I eat so many goodies forgetting about diet; that I can decorate the Christmas tree with my boyf at his place and in mine as well; that I gossip with my girls in cofeeshops; that I listen to Christmas carols 24 h a day and last but not least that I spend all my money on gifts.
But this year it won't be the same.The holidays will be a little more sad and empty and joyless(I don't know if that's a word actually) because it is the first year when my soulmate friend won't be home with me-and that's the only reason why I hate United States(because they have her and I don't)...but there will be a cup of hot choco waiting for her and a present waiting to be opened.
Well there are three more weeks of writing essays,articles and editorials until Christmas so...stay with me my dears and forgive my lack of posting.This time I won't promise to post more often I will just try to do so.
xoxo and have a nice week darlings!
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