Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lord Of My Rings

Hi babies!I promised to post more often and this is the first step in keeping my promise.I took a break from writing my article for tomorrow because it seems I lack inspiration right know.It was time for taking a breath of fashion of course.I have so much work to do this week so many essays and articles and news and review...Oh my!But I'm so glad that it's almost over one week of hardwork and I'm done for this year.And I'm going in a two days trip with my collegegues at journalism so I guess I'll post again not sooner than in two weeks.But I'll bring photos from my freshman's prom and maybe from the trip.So...Be nice and send your letters to Santa!Love you guys!
Dress-Miss Selfridge Shoes-Il Passo Rings-Accessorize Jacket-Vintage


  1. That dress is hot and you look gorgeous in it! I am so glad you are updating more now =) xoxo

  2. the dress is gorgeous. and your hair is bad ass!!!!

  3. Baby I Love youuuu!!

    I dig the dress !! Send it to me NOW!

  4. You look gorgeous. I love the rings, they're amazing!