Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seeing the world through heart-shaped sunnies

I know I know I've been a bad girl!I didn't keep my promise...I get so anxious only when I think about CHRISTMAS!It's definitely my favourite time of the year...I can't wait for school to end and start shopping for presents for everyone I love,I can't wait for the snow fights!What I love the most about the winter holidays is that I spend so much time with my family,my baby and my friends; that I can drink hot chocolate non-stop; that I receive many many presents; that I eat so many goodies forgetting about diet; that I can decorate the Christmas tree with my boyf at his place and in mine as well; that I gossip with my girls in cofeeshops; that I listen to Christmas carols 24 h a day and last but not least that I spend all my money on gifts.
But this year it won't be the same.The holidays will be a little more sad and empty and joyless(I don't know if that's a word actually) because it is the first year when my soulmate friend won't be home with me-and that's the only reason why I hate United States(because they have her and I don't)...but there will be a cup of hot choco waiting for her and a present waiting to be opened.
Well there are three more weeks of writing essays,articles and editorials until Christmas so...stay with me my dears and forgive my lack of posting.This time I won't promise to post more often I will just try to do so.
xoxo and have a nice week darlings!
Wearing: Pants-Mango Jacket-Zara Flats-Victoria's Secret Beret-Accesorize


  1. Wow, great outfit! I love the pearls and the beret especially and the color of that cardi is gorgeous. You look very sophisticated! I cannot wait till your school is over and you are back to more blogging. haha, I am so selfish =) Love ya!


  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
    You look absolutely stunning btw! I've been going through your blog and you have such amazing style, I can't wait to see your future posts!

  3. Baby .. but You know that I'll always be there with you .. :) And I promise will soon come and take my promised Hot Coco :P. Cheers to the inventor of web cams!!

    PS: I love you!