Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fly me to the moon

A bird just told me that you missed me!Kidding guys, but I certainly did miss you all.Well what a tiring week back at school I had.Homework, writing essays, reviews until 3 o'clock every night.Must admit sometimes I cheated a bit from writing homework and spent hours chating with the girls on the holl.
I must tell you what an adventure I had Friday.Between two classes I had 2 hours break so me and my friend were heading to a vintage store we've discovered a while ago and eventhough we couldn't find anything back then we've decided to give it a second chance (mostly because it was freezing outside and we had no place to go).In our way we had to cross a square and my friend threw away some food.Obviously I wasn't paying attention to this fact and suddenly hundreds of pigeons started to fly around us.Oh my they scared the life out of me!I was screaming and running and my friend was telling me that I don't have any reason to be scared and I finally believed her.I realized that they were just hungry and I ended feeding them.My friend was brave enough to let them eat from her hand, but I wasn't.Hope next time we'll visit the square I will be able to feed them from my hand too.In my photos you will notice a Russian man that brought a huge bag with food for the pretty pigeons and it cane out a gorgeous picture.
This photo session wasn't planned as you may notice from my not very inspired outfit(because I woke up too late and threw everything I found on me so I could arrive to my class in time) and the fact that I had almost no make up on my face.But I wanted to share with you this amazing day.
Love you babies!
Wearing: Faux Fur-Miss Sixty, Jeans-Stradivarius, Ugg Boots, Beanie-Zara, Bag-Bershka


  1. super beautiful- love the scenery. you capture it greatt!
    and gorgeous blogg- will definitely stop by again SOON!

  2. You look so pretty lol I took a similar picture a few days ago feeding pigeons.. Love your coat =)

  3. Thank you for the always kind words Ramona. :) Hope school is going well. Omg that is a lot of pigeons! I would've started screaming and running too!


    P.S. You're still gorgeous without makeup. I would have never noticed if you didn't mention it.

  4. Haha, I love the reference to the little birdie missing thing and yadda-yadda. Great pictures. I'm certainly scared of big crowds of birds (weird fear), so I'm very gravitated towards your pictures. ;)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Haiti. That picture is so heartbreaking.

  5. The shots are awesome. The coat is even more awesome. Did you find anything at the vintage store? Aah, love those little shops. :) Love, Malou.

  6. Yes my dear Malou I did found a gorgeous mini lace skirt(to my surprise)and a scarf.Definitely going back at that store.I love little shops too and I know about a lot of them but unfortunatley school doesn't leave enough time to find little treasures.

  7. that faux fur coat sure looks warm!

    xo niki

  8. I love all your photos. That shot is so cool with just the man feeding the birds. It reminds me of Mary Poppins with the bird lady. Love that movie. I wish I could have a white Christmas, would be so fun. I live in New Zealand so it is summer and hot hot hot, sometimes. You are so pretty, you don’t need make-up. I really love your blog.

  9. Amazing photos,I loooove your coat!

  10. You look photo-shoot ready in those pictures! I agree, that was way too many pigeons in one place!

    -Missy may:]

  11. Snow! I want snow!
    Nice look!!
    Hope to see you coming by! Ill keep saying hi!

  12. that is one rad coat !
    i just remembered that u look so much like one of my fren !

    do u have twitter ?

    thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
    visit, comment , follow me at .

  13. Beautiful pictures!! I love your coat!! xoxoxoox

  14. Pretty fut coat! so cool its from miss sixty! and its faux! woo

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  15. look at all those birds! i like the fur coat by the way!

  16. hi hun! nice pictures! and great coat! love it!


  17. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog and it's really cool.

    Please come and have a look at mine.

    Hope to see you soon.


  18. i would FREAK OUT pigeons scare me

  19. Hey Ramona!
    I gave you a Kreativ Award!
    Love, Malou.

  20. Hey Ramona!
    I gave you a Kreativ Award too!
    -Missy May

  21. wow the scenery is amazing ! im looking for a faux fur coat as well , however australia seems to be disappointing me :( - online stores here i come :) haha