Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wearing: Shirt-Vintage, Faux Fur Vest-Zara,, Bow Booties-local shop
What's up my Super Readers?Well 2009 wasn't my best year.Then I had the biggest dissapointment of my life, so far.So today I wrote a looooong shopping list for the spring-summer and a list of goals I hope to achieve this year.I'm sure that 2010 will be the best year for everybody, right?
Today when I was reading my comments I've almost fainted.La belle Michelle from the blog Glisters-And-Blisters(It's a must to visit her blog!!) nominated me on a list of 10 blogguettes for Glamorous Blog Award!I want to thank this sweet doll for the nomination and for making my day!I have to write 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates.Let's get it started!
I like eating pasta 7 days out of 7
I like receiving gift
I like even more watching the expression on people's face when they open the presents(specially if they like it!)
I like laughing with my room mates until 2 am when we ignore the homework( though it happens too often- shhh don't tell my mum)
I like to spend all day shopping with my friend in vintage and thrifted shops
I like buying nail polish in crazy colors
I like headband and it's only Miss Blair Waldorf's fault!
I like reading good books and call my friends immediately after to tell them they must read that too
I like watching romantic movies with many tissues around
I like looking at my boyfriend when he drives-he's so cute it makes me love him even more!
I like to discover new inspirational blogs
I love being in love!
I hate it when I'm on a shoestring budget
I hate waking up early
I hate it hat there's no Topshop or H&M in my country
I hate that I don't have a Rolex.Yet!
I hate that my boyfriend lives in another city
I hate it when people around me are sad
I hate deadlines
I hate that I'm not a more organized person
And now it's time to pass the award to three blogguettes I love they come:
La Couturier, Lexy from Quirky Explosion and Svalbards Empress!And not the mention the lovely Michelle from Glisters and Blisters!
So what are your likes, loves and hates babies?Hope you will think of me at the Love part- just kidding!I must run in bed or else I'll fall asleep on the keyboard!
Kiss Kiss


  1. Love how you mixed the faux fur with the plaid shirt! Awesome =) You look amazing Ramona. Here's to a great year! xoxo

  2. Thanks for your comment! You look great! love the vest!

  3. Aaaah, the vest is bee-you-ti-full.
    I was in Zara the other day and all the furry stuff that was left looked so fakee. :|
    And btw. i HATE that there's no Topshop in Belgium. - Thank god for H&M though. :)

  4. freakin love that fur vesttt !!
    so grunge with the plaids !

    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

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  5. i love your article

  6. I also love crazy nail polish colors, wish there was a Topshop in my country, and hate deadlines...I can relate to a lot of this list actually. If I made a love/hate list I fear I wouldn't be able to stop and it would just go on forever!

  7. love the mix of the fur and the plaid..
    laid back and luxurious at the same time..:D

  8. The fur vest and the belt is gorgeous! you look hot!

  9. Love the shirt, so nice! ;))

  10. Great outfit !
    I follow you ;) !

  11. how cute, ramona....
    love it! hey, i'm a fashion blogger just started. would you follow mine? heheh