Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My rainy days

Well , you can take the title litteraly because yesterday my girlfriend and I were caught in the rain and we were running to get home.I hardly slept last night I just laid in bed and listened to the raindrops falling on my window.Sometimes(actually always) rain makes me nostalgic and gets me in the mood for hot raspberry tea and watching again and again romance movies or reading love stories.I have to admit though that I adore when it rains on me,when I'm walking all by myself (just me and my umbrella ella ella ee) or when I'm holding hands with my baby boy and just laugh in the rain...
But tomorrow it will also be a rainy day, metaphorically speaking, I have to meet my hair stylist.I kind of avoided her lately because I absolutely adore my gorgeous long curly hair(I know I lost the sense of modesty) but it's quite damaged and it needs to be cut(it takes such an effort to recognise this that it hurts!) I must leave all the drama and stop cheating because it's my second apointement at the hair stylist recently and I can't miss it again.I should do what's best for my pretty hair to keep it pretty.So goodbye bad long hair that makes me do bad bad things I'll miss you!
Tomorrow in premier you will be the first ones to see the first pictures with your agent with shorter hair!Kisses with taste of sadness.
Shorts-vintage , Tee-Calliope , Wedges-Yes Miss , Clutch-Louis Vuitton , Neon headband-random shop

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