Saturday, September 5, 2009

Amor Gitano

I cannot explain why but recently I used many gypsy accents when choosing an outfit.I remember that last summer I followed a gypsy woman with my girls because she was wearing the most amazing sequined blazer I've ever seen,so it's easy to notice that I've developed a little obssesion with this women's clothes.Not to mention their fringed scarves(on my wishlist for a while now) with floral print in bold colors and their sequined long skirts OHHH!...I almost fainted the moment I found this skirt in a vintage shop.It resembles the skirts gypsy women wear and it's animal print too!Can I ask for more?

Kiss Kiss,

Your rather sleepy agent!

Skirt-vintage , Tank-New Look , Brooch-Accesorize , Animal print earrings-Castro

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  1. Have a similar skirt and just love it!