Monday, September 21, 2009

Bigger Than Big

Hello my dears!Tonight I'll make this post very short.I'm not feeling well and I'm tired because I spent all day long in stores with my mum and daddy buying stuff for college.Now all I want is to jump in my bed!So sick and tired...
xoxo , gossip agent
Shoes-Il Passo , Tee & hat-Vintage , Shorts-Miss Selfridge

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  1. Thanks for the email and the sweet comments girly! I wrote you back so check your email. I really love this set of photos. I like you in the hat and my favorite photo is the one where you are smiling. I also like the button detailing on the back of the top! Great set of photos =) Oh, and if you need any help with anything in college let me know! I loved school, but it was quite tiring.