Friday, September 4, 2009

Browsing through years

All my life I had passions that went as fast as they came...but not this time it seems!Everything started about an year ago when I accidentaly entered Le blog de Betty and this is how I sneaked into the Fashion Blogosphere.After blog hunting for a while I discovered Karla's closet and La Couturier-I've become addicted instantly(now you have the proof :it's after midnight and you've got me here eating chocolate bars and writing my very first post)!I do not intend to scare you from the beginning with the collage above(well,it's quite obvious that 'too much' was not part of my vocabulary back then) I just try to show you the pleathora of styles I experienced during highschool years (sport,harajuku,feminin,retro-I've been there)because I was desperately searching for a style to fit me like a glove and stick to it but only now, four years later, I have realized that being able to wear different styles,knowing how to wear them and incorporating trends and inspirations in my daily outfits really create a style,my own.From now on , my dear future readers I will let you in on my secret weapons in my attempt to conquer your hearts and the fashion world.Kisses from your secret agent,Ramona.

P.S. I want to apologise from the start for the errors I will make because I must admit that my English is not perfect(AT ALL!),but I pinky promise to do my best to impress you.Roger.

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