Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FALL in love

My dear readers even though the weather is still quite hot during day the FALL is in town!This is another post written in a hurry because my baby is coming and I have to dry my hair and apply nail lacquer and in about 3 hours or so I have to leave for two days-but I'll be back on Friday.
Yesterday I've been packing all day with my mum and my head was playing something like 'Packing your bags like people in the movies do All severe and not saying a word' (you should listen to this song Faithless-Don't leave) of course the last part is not for me I might be awarded as World's most talkative human being...Never know!Last night I had two suitcases and I still have to pack a few blazers and booties.Gotta go see you soon and love you all!

Blazer-Vivienne Westwood , Leggings-Stradivarius , Sandals-Zara , Rose ring-Moa , Top-H&M ,Bow clutch-Yes Miss

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  1. You look gorgeous girl. I love those lavender heels. Such a nice color. I hate the fall. I just want summer all year round. Don't you have a hard time packing? It is hard to cram all your lovelies in a suitcase, isn't it?