Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Black Cat

Liar liar! I know I said I'll show you today the most exclusive pictures of my new haircut,but I'm not able to do this because right now I have a hair treatment on and it looks quite greasy so...I posted some pictures took this summer before I let my hair down with my girlfriend , hoping that you will forgive me for not keeping my promise.
The apointement with my hair stylist went quite well.I was ready to cut my hair very short , but in the last moment I gave up.Still , it is cosiderably shorter(at least in my longhairmaniac distorted view) but I wasn't brave enough to cut it off after growing it for years.Not yet!
See you tomorrow night.Until then...Bisous from your secret agent. Rawr!


  1. I love your outfit. The belt and corsage are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new hair!

  2. wow, you look great! Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. If you add me to your blog roll I will add you to mine. Just let me know if you decide to do so. I will be in the air, literally, all day today, but as soon as I land I will add you if you want =)